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One of the beautiful Nepali model, Zenisha Moktan, was the winner of Miss Nepal 2009 title on 24th September, 2009 at the age of 20. Before becoming Miss Nepal, she was already crowned with Miss Tamang after her 4 years of modeling career. Then, she got an opportunity to represent Nepal in Miss World 2009 competition too. Even though Zenisha was not able to win the Miss World 2009 title, she had already earned name and fame in Nepal.

Zenisha Moktan gained popularity mostly from her beauty. She began to be noticed when she appeared in the comedy serial of Kantipur television 'Gharbeti Baa'. Another appearance in the popular music video 'Mai Thuli Bhai Chu Re' as a model added even more credit to her popularity.

This beautiful Nepali girl loves herself more than everyone else. Zenisha Moktan standing 5 feet 6 inch tall is studying 'Bachelors in Business Administration' at present.

Recently, Zenisha Moktan was in the news and the talks of Nepalese people about the leak of her $ex scandal which proved to be fake at the end. The person who released the fake video must be jealous from her success.

Below are few collection of Zenisha Moktan photos.

Zenisha Moktan With Friends

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  1. hi you are so cute. how to exp lane about you?i am so crazy to see you.

  2. god bless you zenisha , may all happiness come to your life

  3. ur such a cute girl,had ever seen.god gifted.lov u muhaaaaaaaaaaa.

  4. Zenisha I can't explain how you are beautiful&sexy "O God plz save her"

  5. u r more beuty in real than in this picturz!!1

  6. you are awesome!!! best of luck!!! time mai bihay chahi garnu!!!

  7. Hi! i really very like you.

  8. zenisha u r gorgeous...the way u laugh that makes me great fan of urs......i like u

  9. some pics are sooooooooooo....... sexxxxxxxxxxxxy